Krav Maga for Kids | 11 reasons to get started in training early

by Joost | Last Updated: October 2, 2020

Krav Maga for kids? Do we really need that?

Well, I’m sure that would be your first reaction when we talk about teaching this hardcore violent military style martial arts to children, but I assure you that it is not what we teach to those soft, innocent and lovable little kids.

The American public has taken video game violence to a somewhat ridiculous political level and we’re here teaching kids Krav Maga.

And you can get into it relatively easy without the need for a lot of gear.

Here are 11 reasons Krav Maga could be very beneficial to kids.

kids doing krav maga

Check out our post about the gear you need to get yourself, or your kids, started.

But seriously though, teaching Krav Maga to people – whether kids or adults – is not all about the violence. It is about knowing when to use and when not to use it.

Using Krav Maga to defend themselves from kidnappers, criminals and bullies is the right thing to do. I’d like to point something out to you, take a look at this video here. The bully teen is actually punching another teen who is blind and he has no remorse about it.

Then a bigger teen moves in and helped and he knocked out the bully right on the spot where he was standing on. Parents, please remind your kids not to become a bully and especially not to bully people with disabilities, it’s disgusting!

School bullying has become a serious issue these days and unfortunately, kids still get a black eye or some bloody nose or lips when they come home from school. And while our school has some disciplinary measures – some can even get the problem child expelled – they don’t guarantee your child’s safety, but self-defense does.


So ultimately as a parent, you will have to decide whether you’ll want your children to be traumatized suffering at the hands of some school bully, or do you want them to rise up to the challenge and be ever so confident in defending themselves as well as their friends.

Criminals Like to Prey on Kids

Let’s not also forget that human trafficking is still a multi-billion dollar business in the criminal underworld, and about 60% of the people that they’re trafficking are children. According to the FBI, there are 32,121 juveniles 18 years old and below have been reported missing (that’s 36.5% of the 88,089 active missing persons in their records) as of December 31, 2017.

If you only knew the horrors that these missing kids go through, you will not hesitate for a second to teach your kids how to use a gun! But Krav Maga is just as effective if you ask me. Last year famous Hollywood star, Ashton Kutcher, saved 6,000+ kids from a sex trafficking ring via his clever software.

This is probably the biggest humanitarian effort done by one man and yet we rarely ever hear applause or support for what he’s been doing. I mean, the United Nations should back him up on this as his work literally save lives!

kids doing krav maga

Here are 7 CCTV footage that caught kidnappers almost successfully abducting kids, which should scare you. We go on from day to day consciously or unconsciously avoiding the thought of missing kids, because they are too unpleasant to entertain in our minds. But what if the next kidnap victim will be your kids?

That’s right. These threats are very real and it’s better to be prepared for them than to be naïve thinking that you’re safe. You will not always be there to protect your kids, but what they’ll learn in Krav Maga will always be in their minds and their bodies can quickly react to dangerous situations and keep them safe instinctively!

Krav Maga for Kids is Focused on Their Development

There’s more to Krav Maga than just pure aggressive violence and, in fact, KM schools put places emphasis on the development of important personality traits such as restraint, self-discipline, courage, self-confidence, the ability to make decisions in stressful situations and the understanding of when to use the acquired knowledge.

Kids between the age of 7 – 15 are at a stage in their lives where they’ll need guidance and molding and KM schools that also cater to children understands this concept deeply, which is why they don’t only teach your kids self-defense but other moral aspects that are also applicable to their daily living.

Benefits of Krav Maga to Your Children

Much like any other martial arts and sports, Krav Maga can teach your kids much more than just self-defense. Camaraderie, courage, self-respect, and respect for others, sportsmanship and countless of other virtues that will make them good citizens as they grow into adulthood are just among the benefits they can get from learning Krav Maga.

Here is a list of benefits they can also get from Krav Maga:

Krav Maga Helps You Discipline Your Kids

ith morality taking a dive head first disciplining your kids to become good citizens also becomes like 3 shifts a day kind of job – it’s increasingly difficult to deal with them. They are more likely to become rebellious because they’re watching garbage films with R ratings, watching music videos that teach them to become immoral, listen to explicit language songs and hang out with lose-cannon friends.

Look at this video from the Krav Maga Academy:



If you’re almost always not around to give emotional support as parents to your children when they need you most, then that becomes a trigger to negative things and makes the situation even worse.

kids doing krav magaEnrolling your kids to a Krav Maga school or any other martial arts class will help you discipline them; however, 50% – 75% of the disciplining job will still have to be shouldered by you.

No one can replace parents in child-rearing, so make sure to build your family bonds strong and be the anchor that you kids need when they’re in trouble.

The rest the martial arts teacher will handle it and you can be assured that your kids will come out of it learning respect and honor above all else. They will not have time for drugs or idleness that would lead them doing bad things that could get them into trouble.

Final Thoughts

I can understand that most of you who are parents think that enrolling your kids at a martial arts school, especially one like Krav Maga that has a reputation of brutal violence will only make them violent as they are fed with violence. However, this misconception about Krav Maga and martial arts, in general, is wrong.

In reality, martials is all about self-defense whenever the need arises for you to value self-preservation or to defend your friends and loved ones above all other things. If there’s one thing that evolution has prepared us for is that we have a brain that’s been hardwired to do only one thing – survive!

It’s for all ages, from Krav Maga training for seniors to specialty training for your kids.

And that is what is taught in all martial arts schools, and I do not see a problem with teaching your kids that, do you?